What the F*** does "No, That's your boy" mean?

In every group of friends there is one person that nobody likes. That "friend" is either an Asshole, a Douchebag, or a Prick. That is also the definition of "Your Boy".

"Your Boy" is the person that no one in the group will claim as a friend, but he has been around so long, it's difficult to extract them from the group. Now you don't need to! This site is dedicated to exposing the "Your Boy" within your group of friends. Just wear/make a shirt that says: NO That's your Boy/Girl on the front and have an arrow pointing to one side. Then have your picture taken with your group of friends. Make sure you stand next to "Your Boy" with the arrow pointed at them. Send it to us, and through the power of the internets we will expose the "Your Boy" of your group.